We maintain a lending library for our clients, and we are always adding to it.  If there is a book you would like to read, please contact us to see if we have it in on our bookshelf.  A $15 deposit will be held until the book is returned.  

Here is a list of books with their links that we have enjoyed and found helpful and encouraging:

Pregnancy and Childbirth Bookshelf

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These books are some of our favorite for fathers.

The Birth Partner will prepare fathers for supporting their partner through labor.  Becoming a Father is the story of Dr. Sear’s journey of becoming a father and how to support the new mother during her postpartum season.


Recommendations for VBAC

Excellent book on preparing for the emotional and physical journey of vaginal birth after cesarean/s.

Recommendations for Pregnancy and Childbirth

There are many time tested favorites here.  Have a look through their decriptions and pick the ones that sound the best for you.


Recommendations for Christians

For many Christian couples, it is important to include spirituality during their pregnancy and birth.  These books are a good place to start.


Newborn Care Bookshelf

These are some of our favorite books for postpartum and newborn care and breastfeeding support.

Recommendations for Infant Care

Somehow with pregnancy, expectant mothers find they have a new gene – the worry gene.  These books will help you to become more confident and learn to trust your mother instinct.  They may even help quiet the worry gene just a little.


Recommendations for Breastfeeding

Who ever said breastfeeding was “natural”?  It can be challenging, but also rewarding for mother and baby in ways far beyond food.  Here are some books that can help.  Also, local IBCLC’s and La Leche League are invaluable resources on the ground.


Recommendations for Newborn Sleeping and the Fourth Trimester

New parents wonder if they will ever sleep again.  Be assured that while it may look different than before, you will!  These books are full of great and practical advice.


Recommendations for Mother’s Health and Family Planning

We would love to hear of books that have been helpful to you!

For online resources, please visit our links.

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