Birth Doula

Birth Doula Support

As a birth doula, I support you and your support person through labor, birth, and the golden hour after birth helping to facilitate your positive birth experience. 

Services include:

  • Limited to 4 births a month
  • Initial complimentary consultation (usually 1 hour)
  • Text and phone support for questions from time of contract through postpartum visit
  • Help developing your personal birth plan
  • Information on and links to resources you may need
  • Evidence based resources about tests, concerns, procedures, etc.
  • Two prenatal meetings (usually 2.5 hours each)
  • Postpartum planning
  • On call (stay in town) from 38 weeks of your pregnancy through birth
  • Continuous support from onset of labor through 2 hours postpartum (No hour limit)
  • Postpartum follow-up visit usually within first 2 weeks in your home
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Lending library
  • Follow-up communication through the first year postpartum

 Initial Complimentary Consultation:  

During the complimentary consultation, I listen to your desires and answer questions you may have.

Doula Marcie with baby that was just born.
Welcoming new life.

Prenatal Care: 

Upon receipt of contract and deposit, prenatal care begins!  I am available for phone, and text support, and to help with birth plan development. The two prenatal meetings include:

  • Practicing comfort measures
  • Preparing for stages and phases of birth
  • Discussing your ideal birth environment
  • Learning about the emotional journey of labor
  • Developing your postpartum plan and newborn care

Prenatal meetings are usually around 2.5 hours each and at least one of them will be in your home.

When you are in labor, I will join you  when you are ready.  I stay with you throughout your labor and birth until breastfeeding is established, and everyone is comfortable.  This is usually 2 hours following birth.  I provide support during unmedicated births, inductions, epidural labors, and Cesarean births.

My prenatal services  may vary according to your individual needs such as VBAC/VBMC support.  I also try to accommodate financially through payment plans.

Postpartum meeting:   

Within two weeks of birth, I will visit for your official postpartum visit. 

birth doula in greater Nashville TN

Our clients are very special to us.  It is a privilege to serve during this season of growth – emotionally, spiritually, and as a family.

Birth doula fee is $1200.  For our bundled services, please visit Service Bundles.