Doula Gift Certificate – A Perfect Gift

A Doula Gift Certificate for every expectant family.

Adding a new baby to a family is a wonderful time yet a time full of exhaustion.  Would you like to give a gift of support to an expectant family for their transition with new baby?  We offer gift certificates that may be customized just for their needs.

Postpartum: Every new family needs support after birth.  No exception.  More studies are coming out showing that postpartum recovery takes much longer than most realize: 1 to 2 years!

Sibling Doula:  Other families worry about who will care for their other children when they are at the hospital or during labor.

Birth Doula:  Birth memories, good or bad last a lifetime.  Every expectant couple benefits from pregnancy and labor support.

Some may need several of these services.  As those who love the expectant family, a gift certificate for these services is a gift that will be treasured forever.



For more information or to purchase a gift certificate:

Marcie Hadley, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), CLC, and LCCE(LAMAZE), has been serving families since 2010. She especially enjoys getting to know her families, meeting their unique needs, and sharing evidence-based care information. Marcie has worked with unmedicated, medicated, C-section, family friendly C-Section, and VBAC labors, Her postpartum experience includes working with families of first children to families of 10. She has worked with mothers who have experienced postpartum depression and illness following birth. Her goal is to empower mothers in their own mothering wisdom.

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