Birth Stories

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    Patrick’s Birth Story

    My newest lil man has arrived!!!! Such an exciting time! I’m gonna try to get all my thoughts into one place (mainly for my own reference/memory keeping hahaha — you’ll have to excuse the punctuation — i had to type it in ‘thought’ format! ha! Sooo let’s see… we found out about Mr. Patrick in November.. It made going home for Thanksgiving a lot of fun. We had Sadie do both the family announcements. At the in-laws we had her say (and she’s got a very dramatic flair so this was extra fun) – “Wait a minute, Erin needs an extra plate because she’s eating for two!!!!!!” Then at my…

  • Birth Stories

    Beck’s Birthing Story

    On this page, we share birth stories our clients have written and sent to us.  Permission is given to share these birth stories and pictures.  We hope you find them as inspirational as each of our clients have been to us. Welcome sweet baby boy.  Your mamma is so beautiful, strong, and courageous.  She is kind of a hero.  Your daddy?   He sure knows how to stand by your mamma.  He’s kind of your mamma’s hero.  I think you’re going to like them.  It was an honor to be with them as they welcomed you into their arms.  Here is your story:   Our baby boy was born at 10:28am on July…