Certified Lactation Counselor


Certified Lactation Counselor Visit  2 hours.

“She (Marcie)  supported me when I switched from breastfeeding to formula. She had the knowledge and resources to help me decide which formula and bottles to use for my son. She also was the one who noticed my son had a lip tie (which prevented further breastfeeding). She gave me a great recommendation for a pediatric dentist to correct the tie. What I loved the most about Marcie was her empathy.” Bekah

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Certified Lactation Counselor Visit


Certified Lactation Counselor


Most women have a deep desire to breastfeed their baby/s.  Early support makes all the difference.

Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt no matter what you have been told.

The lactation visit is an in-home service.  Once you have given birth, schedule a breastfeeding visit within the first 4 days of your baby’s life.

Your visit includes a history of your health and birth journey, and how feedings have been going.  You will receive a care plan and any additional resources you may need.

  • Additional fee for distance over 25 miles or over.

** First-week comprehensive certified lactation counselor support is available.  This includes in-home a visit and phone or Zoom support for a week following the visit.  Fee: $200.

“After our baby girl was born she checked in regularly, was a shoulder to cry on, made phone calls on our behalf when we needed to bring in specialists and even stayed the night to get us through some of those first days when we hadn’t slept and were feeling discouraged. Her personal investment in our family made us feel so loved and cared for. I cannot recommend Marcie enough!”  Kristen B.

Looking for a helpful breastfeeding app?  Here is a link!


My Prenatal to Postpartum Bundle includes Lactation Support.  Learn more here.