Service Bundles

Different families have different needs, but all families appreciate additional value.  For this reason, we offer a variety of discounted service bundles to our clients.  If one of these bundles does not meet your needs, let us know.  We will be glad try to adjust a bundle for you.


Our Service Bundles:

Photo by Marcie Hadley, the doulaOur service bundles provide discounted services in a bundled package for added value.

Classes Bundle:  $340

Includes our Childbirth Preparation Class and Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding Class,

 Childbirth Preparation and Birth Doula Services:  $1450

Includes our Childbirth Preparation Class* and our comprehensive Birth Doula Service.

Doula Services Bundle:  $ 1900

Includes our comprehensive Birth Doula Service and 25 hours day Postpartum Doula Services***

Beginning to Baby Services Bundle:  $2200

Includes Childbirth Preparation Class, Breastfeeding/feeding Class, Comprehensive Birth Doula Services, and 25 hours of Postpartum Doula Daytime Services***

*additional fee of $300 for private Lamaze classes

***Additional day hours $30 per hour.  Night hours @ $35.00 per hour.