Sibling Doula

Sibling Doula

What is a Sibling Doula?

For many reasons, some couples do not have family close by to help provide care for their children while they are in labor or during their hospital stay following birth.  This produces much worry for the parents during a time that should be the joyous transition of adding a baby to their family.  This is where a sibling doula helps.

A sibling doula cares for the needs of the sibling during labor and birth until the parents return home. She meets with parents and children prior to birth to design an individualized care plan for the children in line with the parent’s philosophy and desires.  Questions are discussed such as: How involved do the parents want the sibling to be during the labor and birth process? Do they want the children to come in as they wish? Do they want them to be brought in right after the birth?

Responsibilities of a Sibling Doula include:

  • If applicable, supporting and reassuring children during the labor and birth processes by helping them understand the different sounds and emotions mothers may experience.
  • Providing continuity by caring for sibling/s needs such as dressing, meals, snacks, baths, naps, and bedtime according to their usual routine.
  • Getting the children off to school.
  • Helping mommy and daddy relax by knowing their children are taken care of.

Sibling Doula Fees:

 Eight hours:  $500 

Additional hourly rate:

  • Daytime:    $30 per hour  (6a.m. to 10p.m).
  • Nighttime:  $35 per hour  (10p.m. – 6a.m).

Once $450 fee is met, additional hours billed according to the above hourly fee.

Continuous Labor through Birth Support Package


Deposit due upon contracting for services.

Postpartum doula services are also available.  

To learn about this service, please visit Postpartum Doula Services.