Doula’ing the Doulas

Doula'ing the doulas
Smoky Mountain Hike

When the doulas need replenishing

Why doula’ing the doulas? As clients know, sometimes labors can be quick and intense. Sometimes, they can be long and intense. Sometimes, labor can be traumatic. Other times, everyone present is floating on air. While we don’t get to choose what will happen during each birth, we do get to validate and value each birth and family.

I love my job …pretty much everything about it. If there was a contest for best clients, I would nominate mine. They are a pleasure! If I there was a contest for the cutest babies of clients? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to other doulas.


Sometimes, it catches up with us, and we need to do a little postpartum doula’ing of these two doulas. Over Easter weekend, we did just that. We napped. We sat in the sun. We hiked to a waterfall. We drove into Smoky Mountains National Park. We traipsed through the streets of Gatlinburg, and we ate ice cream (yes!!!).

Did you know Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has no artificial colors AND is non-gmo? Doula’ing the doula right there! L


Continual education is part of the doula life. I read two books on caring for postpartum families. There is a bonus for our clients. It builds my lending library! Speaking of books, have you checked out our suggested book list? We have read each of these books and recommend them with confidence.

middle tn Doula'ing the Doulas
Spinning Babies Training


Our long weekend is over. I’m not going to lie…it was hard to leave. We are feeling refreshed and are ready to enter into our next busy season! Wednesday, there was a postpartum visit and a prenatal visit. Thursday, I attended a Spinning Babies advanced doula training. Friday was a postpartum client prenatal and Doula Speed dating at Baby & Co Birth Center in Nashville. AND, two clients are finishing their birth plans. Doula life is back in fun swing!

We have other plans for Precious Arrows Doulas coming up. These include attending training for lactation counselor and completing certification as postpartum doula through DONA, INT.


New plans for classes are being made. We are hoping to add additional classes including Planning for your Postpartum and Birth Planning. These will be short yet empowering classes! Stay tuned!

For our website, we will be adding a private area loaded with evidence based articles to aid our clients with informed consent choices and knowledge. I am planning to blog a bit more often about all things birth, mommy, and baby as well. You are invited to follow along and hope you will find it worthwhile.

Doula’ing the doulas

Our doula’ing the doula weekend did it’s job. We are refreshed, and ready to be back on call. More importantly, we are committed to meeting the unique and individual needs of each client family.

Would you like to learn more about a doula for your birth and postpartum? We would love to speak with you about our services.G

Marcie Hadley, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), CLC, and LCCE(LAMAZE), has been serving families since 2010. She especially enjoys getting to know her families, meeting their unique needs, and sharing evidence-based care information. Marcie has worked with unmedicated, medicated, C-section, family friendly C-Section, and VBAC labors, Her postpartum experience includes working with families of first children to families of 10. She has worked with mothers who have experienced postpartum depression and illness following birth. Her goal is to empower mothers in their own mothering wisdom.

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