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    Freedom to birth with your unique female pelvis

    Your Unique Female Pelvis I had the opportunity to attend an interesting midwifery class discussing the 4 different female pelvic shapes. Each woman is endowed with her own unique shape – variations of these 4. The midwife giving the discussion was quite experienced in recognizing pelvises. It was funny how she could identify whether a woman had an Android, a Platypelloid, Anthropoid,or a Gynecoid pelvic shape based on how she walked and moved. The take away from the discussion was encouragement!   A woman can successfully birth a baby with whatever type of pelvis she possesses. The midwife further demonstrated optimal positions most women naturally chose to birth in with…

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    Birth – The design is not broken

    This has been on my heart a good bit lately.  I hope it will that not only encourage, but also empower the belief that indeed your body was designed not only to grow a baby but to birth a baby.  The design is not broken.   For the mothers who birthed through c-section: your body works.  You birthed, recovered, and cared for newborn while recovering from surgery.  You are so strong. Dear Mama and Supporters of Mamas, About birth – The design is not broken. Medicalized birth can give a very subtle, covert message to women that the design of birth is broken.  It is much more powerful than many women preparing…

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    Labor Hormones: Your body’s incredible pain relievers

      The wonders of your body’s pain relieving orchestra of labor hormones. Labor may bring the thought of intense physiological endurance with perhaps little to ease the discomfort of laboring and pushing a tiny human out of your body.  This picture of labor doesn’t have to be your reality. Your body is equipped with an amazing orchestra of  hormones designed specifically  to relieve and energize your body during labor. Knowing how to harness these natural pain relievers could be the difference between being overwhelmed during labor and  being empowered to run this incredible marathon. What hormones is your body producing during labor?  Great question!  Estrogen – This hormone tones your uterus preparing…