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    Choosing Your VBAC Care Provider

    A few months ago, I had the privilege to present at an ICAN meeting on the topic of Choosing Your VBAC Care Provider. Because there is trauma from birth sometimes and because having a sudden c-section can add to that trauma, moms are usually more anxious during the subsequent pregnancy about birth. I hope this post from my presentation will help you to pick your best team for your healthiest in every way birth. Although it was presented at an ICAN meeting, any mom or mom to be may find the information helpful AND empowering. So …here goes! When we mention care provider, most of us will think in terms…

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    After Birth – The Golden Hour

    The Golden Hour – What it is, what it is not Many changes for the better have been happening in the labor and delivery ward.  New terms such as Baby Friendly Hospital and the Golden Hour are becoming a part of the new jargon. What do they mean? We have written an article describing Baby Friendly Hospital designation.  Briefly, it encourages polices that support the mother-baby dyad, promotes policies that support breastfeeding and remove policies that  interfere with breastfeeding and the mother-baby relationship.  The article is available here. One of the policies that is part of the baby friendly designation is honoring the Golden Hour following birth.  The Golden Hour…

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    Birth – The design is not broken

    This has been on my heart a good bit lately.  I hope it will that not only encourage, but also empower the belief that indeed your body was designed not only to grow a baby but to birth a baby.  The design is not broken.   For the mothers who birthed through c-section: your body works.  You birthed, recovered, and cared for newborn while recovering from surgery.  You are so strong. Dear Mama and Supporters of Mamas, About birth – The design is not broken. Medicalized birth can give a very subtle, covert message to women that the design of birth is broken.  It is much more powerful than many women preparing…