Postpartum Doula Services

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* Due to the high cost of fuel, there will be a surcharge of $15 per postpartum session.  Sessions are 5 hour minimum daytime and 8 hour minimum overnight. 

Postpartum doula services are individualized to meet the needs of each family.  Service begins with a complimentary initial prenatal or postpartum consultation.  During this meeting, I will listen and explore what your postpartum needs are.  We will develop a postpartum plan that best meets the needs of your family with daytime and/or overnight services.

Daytime Postpartum Services Include:

  • Helping clients formulate a postpartum care plan
  • A safe place to share birth experience
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Support during postpartum adjustments
  • Promotes parent-infant bonding
  • Information on infant soothing
  • Offers supportive, non-judgmental companionship
  • Provides references for educational and community resources
  • Assists with newborn and/or sibling care
  • Light house keeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Healthcare CPR certified

Overnight Postpartum Service Include:

  • Newborn care
  • Emotional support
  • A listening ear
  • Information on resources and referrals needed
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Nurturing of mother and baby
  • Much needed support for mother to rest

Service Packages:

24 hours       40 hours       60 hours       80 hours                  


$30 per hour daytime  Daytime (6a.m.-10p.m.)  5 hour minimum

$35 per hour nighttime  Nighttime (10p.m.- 6a.m.)  8 hour minimum

We offer reduced rates with bundled service packages.  To learn more, please visit Service Bundles.

Groaning Parties: An American History of Postpartum Care

During Colonial days, women in the community came together to care for the new mother and baby for two months.  They helped with housework, cared of the other children, cared for the mother, and cooked.  The mother’s responsibility was caring for her baby and recuperating.  The end of this two month period was marked by the new mother cooking a meal and inviting all those who helped enjoy the meal together as a thank you.  This gathering was known as a Groaning Party.

postpartum doula care

Sadly, supporting a new mother’s recuperation ended in our country as birth moved into the hospital.  As postpartum doulas, we hope to fill this very important need for mother, baby, and family.

Postpartum Support:

Katie Hadley, CD(DONA),PCD(DONA)

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Katie Hadley                                                 Courtesy of Rebekah Taylor Photography

As a postpartum doula it is truly an honor to serve women by supporting them on their birth journeys.  Birth is an incredible and intricate event affecting body and soul.  I believe birth is perfectly designed for the marathon  we call labor.

Every birth is unique, and I want to learn as much as I can to best support women’s needs during labor.   I feel I learn from each and every birth I attend.

I have had the privilege of supporting women as a birth doula since my training through DONA in 2010. This includes first time mothers, mothers to many, medicated and unmedicated, and c-section births.  I teach classes as a childbirth educator as a  CAPPA trained educator.  It has been my joy to also support families as a  DONA certified postpartum doula.

Additional training includes:

  • NRP
  • Gentle Waterbirth
  • Midwifery seminars

Katie’s certifications