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    Breech babies!

    Breech babies are a variation of normal. Up until the 1970’s, they were usually delivered vaginally. Obstetricians trained in delivering breech babies. This skill is no longer taught to obstetricians. Some homebirth midwives are skilled in breech birth, however. A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with my chiropractor. He commented, “What’s up with all the breech babies I’m seeing?”. Yes, my chiropractor supports me so I can support my clients. He also provides therapy that helps breech babies turn! Why more breech babies? Labor and birth were really affected in 2020. A mother needs to feel safe in order to freely let her baby out. She is not…

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    Optimal Cord Clamping

    What in the world is optimal cord clamping? In medicalized birth, immediate cord cutting was the standard practice. Today, however, most women and care providers have heard of delaying cutting the cord. Benefits of optimal cord clamping: What is the big deal about waiting to cut the cord? Until the cord stops pulsing, baby’s blood is moving back and forth from mother to baby until the umbilical cord stops pulsing. Cutting the cord before it stops pulsing may leave the baby without as much as 30%-40% of it’s blood. This blood provides rich stem cells to your baby. Stem cells are protective against 80+ illnesses and cancer. Early cord clamping…

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    Labor Hormones: Your body’s incredible pain relievers

      The wonders of your body’s pain relieving orchestra of labor hormones. Labor may bring the thought of intense physiological endurance with perhaps little to ease the discomfort of laboring and pushing a tiny human out of your body.  This picture of labor doesn’t have to be your reality. Your body is equipped with an amazing orchestra of  hormones designed specifically  to relieve and energize your body during labor. Knowing how to harness these natural pain relievers could be the difference between being overwhelmed during labor and  being empowered to run this incredible marathon. What hormones is your body producing during labor?  Great question!  Estrogen – This hormone tones your uterus preparing…